Monday, August 2, 2010

True Blood Season 3 - 7 episodes in

Um, yeah. A few brief thoughts about TB 3.7. I may add more at a later date...

On the plus side: Sookie killed Lorena. On the minus side: it was REALLY gross. Bill then proceeds to drain Sookie almost dry in an effort to replenish himself. Thank goodness Tara and Alcide were in a position to rescue her.

If it hadn't been so pathetic, it would've been amusing to watch Jason deal with the realization that he was going to be making some major decisions about Sookie and her care.

At this point, I'm considering giving up TB after this season. I really don't like what they've done with the characters I love and there are story lines they spend way too much time on that I could care less about. I haven't completely made up mind though...

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