Friday, April 30, 2010


I knit. Sort of. I find it very fulfilling and therapeutic and I love the idea of creating something from scratch. Except I have a trunk full of half-finished projects - mostly afghans or scarves or baby blankets, things that I can do while watching tv.

I'll start a project, complete maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of it and then completely lose interest. Then when I feel the need to start knitting again, I start a completely new project.

What the heck? Why don't I just pick up an earlier project where I left off? Does anyone else have a similar problem?


  1. I have a few, but as you can imagine it's mainly due to lack of time and not interest. But I will say, afghans, scarves and baby blankets are typically some of the most boring projects I can think of! Get thee to ravelry and find something small and fun that you will use. Finish a few and you'll get that sense of accomplishment that makes you want to do more. Besides, who wants a heavy afghan on their lap while they're knitting in the summer?? I may have to go find some projects and suggest them.

  2. Was this post written for me to comment? I'm STILL working on a sweater that I started a year ago. Not to mention a sweater that I started four or five years ago that still needs one sleeve and the right front done. Instead of finishing these projects, I've started several sewing projects and a few general crafty items. Maybe we should go to a stich-n-bitch or just get together at a coffee shop to work on an unfinished project.

  3. Wise words indeed, Megan. I think the reason I tend to stick to blankets and scarves is that they're not complicated. But complicated could be more challenging and interesting. I'll have to check out some patterns.

    April, we definitely need to get together again! I have to work during the dates you sent on facebook, but let's keep trying...

  4. YES! I am ashamed of all the UFOs sitting next to my chair, including a baby blanket for my cousin who's now 2, and a newborn sweater for my niece who is 11 months. Somewhere in there is a sock that is 4.5 years old and needs me to finish the other half of it's mate!

    Then you go upstairs and I probably have 10 sewing projects that are unfinished, one of which is a baby outfit for that same 2 yer old.....yes, I have hobby ADD ;)