Thursday, April 8, 2010

driven crazy by tv

I've decided that television executives at the various networks are conspiring to drive me insane. Me, personally. Do they have to put so many shows that I watch on at the same day/time? There are lots of nights out there where they are just airing the latest reality crap or police procedural clone. Do we really need five versions of Law & Order or CSI?

Mondays and Thursdays are just about impossible for me. Thank goodness for internet viewing. Otherwise, I'd have to make some tough choices... Really - how do you choose on Thursdays between NBC's comedy block, Bones on Fox, and Vampire Diaries/Supernatural on the CW? All completely different creatures and all really good.

Do you have viewing conflicts? How do you make your decision? Do you watch online?


  1. When I had a DVR in my living room, it was easy. I would record shows during the packed timeslots and watch them when there was nothing else on. Now that I only have a DVR in my bedroom, I have had to give up on shows. I watch The Office in repeats when Supernatural is not on. Same with How I Met Your Mother--I catch it when Chuck is a repeat. I'm not very happy that Glee is now opposite Lost. I may make hubby record that one on his DVR so we can watch on the weekend.

  2. My solution is simple -- I don't watch much TV. :P
    Even when I'm home/do have access to cable, I only pick one or two shows to get into so I won't go crazy trying to keep up with a bunch of different characters/plotlines.

  3. I had dvr when I was living in my parents' garage apartment - I mooched off of their satellite subscription. I miss it terribly...
    My apartment only allows cable and the fees that I would have to pay to get dvr are ridiculous, so I depend on online viewing to make up the difference. Thank goodness for Hulu.

  4. I still prefer to watch TV on my TV. 32" and 61" screens are much more appealing than 15.6" screens!

    I need to try hooking the laptop up to the TV to watch. I have just been too lazy.