Thursday, April 15, 2010


Glee has been everywhere in the media. The folks at Fox have gone overboard trying to make sure everyone knew it was coming back - and when.

I've seen several interviews with Mark Salling (the yummy Puck), who is a native of Texas, and everyone gives him a hard time about using "Ma'am" and "sir." I guess I don't understand why this is supposed to be funny - he's just using the manners his parents instilled in him when he was growing up. It's a sign of respect, a courtesy. He's not trying to make you feel old, Wendy Williams or the folks on Good Morning LA.

And trust me, when a habit is that ingrained, it's just about impossible to break. Heck, I use ma'am to the girl behind the counter at McDonalds if she asks a question.

I guess it's just one of those regional things - people in the north and on the west coast view people from the South as a bunch of uncouth, uneducated rednecks. People in the South view people from other areas as rude. Miscommunications on a grand scale, as it were...


  1. That is so funny, I'm from California and I moved to NC. It was the weirdest thing to get used to. Now, I find myself saying it.

    If I used the term Ms. people would get offended.

  2. Isn't it funny how things like that very from region to region or even town to town? I guess it keeps things interesting. :)