Monday, April 12, 2010

Television surprises

I wanted to like Life Unexpected on the CW. I've missed the old school shows from the WB (Gilmore Girls, Everwood, even Dawson's Creek). I loved the pilot episode and was prepared to be a die hard fan. And then I watched episodes 2 through 6 and found that I can't stand the actual show; not the characters, not the writing, anything. It's a shame, really. Check out Television Without Pity ( for a second opinion.

I thought I would hate The Vampire Diaries. I didn't care for the books and wasn't enamored of the pilot. It's turned out to be a fun, dangerously addictive show filled with eye candy and quickly moving plot lines. I'm glad I stuck with it and gave it a second chance.

I've also just discovered The Unusuals on Hulu. Great, quirky little cop drama set in NYC with Amber Tamblyn from Joan of Arcadia and Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker as well as cast of folks you definitely know from elsewhere. It only had 10 episodes before being cancelled, but those 10 are a treat. Check it out at

How about you? Have show that you wanted to like and then didn't? Found a show that you were surprised to like? How long do you stick with a show before giving up on it?


  1. The last show I wanted to like more than I did was Dollhouse, which I just recently watched on DVD. Don't even get me started.

    The most recent TV surprise for me is actually The Vampire Diaries. I wasn't planning to watch it (the previews looked horrid), but a friend talked me into checking it out. At the start, it was pretty bad, I think, but sort of addictive (and I *heart* Ian Somerhalder, so...). It's actually become a pretty good show, though. I'm several eps. behind now - got distracted by Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, and leaving my house on occasion :)

  2. Dollhouse. Argh. It had moments of brilliance but didn't really work as a whole. I think Mr. Whedon's idea went in a darker direction than the network really anticipated. I do think that Epitaph One, the unaired episode from season one, was the best one - if the entire series had been like that, I'd have been thrilled.

    And, let's face it, Eliza Dushku just doesn't have a wide enough range to pull off that kind of role. Enver Gjokaj (Victor) was amazing though - his Kiki the sorority girl and faux Topher had me rolling laughing.