Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five actors I miss on T.V.

It's no secret I've been somewhat disappointed by the Fall 2010 television season, so I've decided to list five actors that used to be on t.v. but aren't right now. Somebody in Hollywood, write shows for these people already!

1. Adam Brody - I really miss Seth Cohen's Cohen-y Cohenisms on The O.C. He was hilarious, and his sly, sarcastic pop-culture references cracked me up every time. Since he evidently came up with a lot of his own material, I'd love to see him in his own show. Come on Josh Schwartz, you've got several shows on right now. Can't you find room on one? I just know he'd fit right in on the geeky goodness that is Chuck.

2. Jason Dohring - As Logan Echolls on the late, great Veronica Mars he took a character that was a one-dimensional, completely unsympathetic bully and turned him into a fully realized, conflicted character who was completely able to hold his own with Kristen Bell's Veronica. (BTW, if you haven't seen Veronica Mars, get thee to Netflix now and stream at least the first season. Definitely worth your time.) I even watched the mediocre-at-best Moonlight because this guy was in it - and he was definitely the best thing about that show, even if he was a secondary character.

3. Lee Pace - The Pie Maker! My t.v. has been in mourning since the quirky, romantic and charming Pushing Daisies went off the air. He was also funny as Jaye's brother in the little seen but fabulous Wonderfalls. Lee even does dramatic well - he turned in a heartbreaking performance as a transgendered individual in Showtime's made for t.v. movie Soldier's Girl. Marmaduke? Really? Someone with as much talent and range as Lee deserves a well-written show of his own.

4. This guy was so amazing as Victor on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse that he literally stole the show from Eliza Dushku's Echo. In addition to Victor, he was required to play a wide variety of characters and delivered every time. I think my favorite was probably Kiki the dancing college girl. Check it out!

5. Jamie Bamber - An alum of Syfy's Battlestar Galactica remake, he's currently on Law & Order UK. Since I don't have BBC America, I'm not counting it. His nuanced performance of Capt. Lee Adama on BSG made me want to simultaneously kick him in the butt for being hateful to his dad or Starbuck and give him a hug because he'd had so much hurt in the past.

Honorable mentions to Farscape's Ben Browder and Tahmoh Penikett from Dollhouse and BSG.

What do you think of my choices? Who would you like to see on t.v. that isn't currently working regularly? Tomorrow I'll post five actresses that need to be on t.v.


  1. My top three:
    1. Liza Weil (Paris Geller - Gilmore Girls)
    2. Emma Caulfield (Anya - Buffy)
    3. Claudia Black (Farscape)

  2. News flash... Bill Adama and Kara Thrace were NOT always the easiest people to live with either. But yes. More Bamber NOW.

  3. 1. James Callis
    2. Fran Kranz
    3. Mary McDonnell
    4. Natalie Morales
    5. Michael Gross