Friday, June 25, 2010

A revelation

As I've mentioned before, about a year ago I gave up my cable t.v. and moved to watching most, if not all, of my t.v. online. (That sounds odd, doesn't it? T.V. Online. lol) Most of my shows are available on Hulu; the ones that aren't are usually available on their network's website.

In most ways, this has been a great thing - it's much less expensive than a cable subscription and frees me to be able to watch my shows at my leisure.

What I hadn't realized until recently was that it also significantly changed what I'm viewing - and for the better. I used to be obsessed with the celeb-reality crap that is VH1. Now I can't tell you the last time I saw an episode of Rock of Love or something of that ilk.

I guess that really shows how meaningless those shows are, if I can go a whole year without watching before realizng that I should be missing them...


  1. Oh, what I could have accomplished in the hours stolen by VH1 countdown/I Love the... shows. I lost all of Memorial Day weekend 2009 to the VH1 80s videos A-Z. (Well, and to my Twitter addiction.)

    Even though the satellite service is not going anywhere, I think I'm ready to break away from watching shows on someone else's schedule. I'm getting a nice, long VGA cord this weekend so I can hook the lappy up to the TV and enjoy online viewing in the 32" screen. (We have DVR on the big TV, so I am less interested in hookin g up to it. But hubby has HDMI output on his laptop, so we might do that with that TV.)

  2. Welcome to t.v. on your schedule! Once you make the change, it's hard to go back. :)

    I miss VH1's top 100 countdowns of whatever or their Behind the Music episodes. Not so much their other stuff though, which I find surprising. The trainwreck that is Rock of Love used to be one of my guiltiest pleasures...