Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The holidays are coming!

Recently my friend April has been blogging about the preparations she is beginning to make for Thanksgiving - invitations, menu planning, the whole nine yards. (You can check out her blog, A Kingly Affair, here.)

At first, I was a little surprised. Thanksgiving is more than two months away. Then I realized, no, it really isn't. This also means that Christmas is less than three months away and I haven't started shopping at all. Time to start making that list and checking it twice. :)

The pictures that April posted of dishes she is considering made me start daydreaming about my favorite Thanksgiving delicacies. I can see them in my mind and definitely smell them! Fried turkey, mashed potatoes (real, not instant) with gravy, sweet potatoes with praline topping, stuffed merlitons (sp?), spinach madeleine, dressing (don't forget oyster dressing for Uncle Marty!), Carol's homemade bread, various other vegetables, etc.

And the desserts - my mom makes the best pies: Kentucky Derby (pecan with chocolate chips and a splash of bourbon) and pumpkin with real whipping cream, complete with homemade crusts. Sometimes she makes a lemon chess pie as well. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, no store bought crust can compare with a homemade crust done by an expert. My uncle Rob and his family drove in from Huntsville one year and he almost cried when he realized that Mom had decided to experiment with dessert for Thanksgiving that year. The cheesecake she made was excellent but it just wasn't the same. After that, she saved the experimental desserts for Christmas Dinner, lol.

Sigh. Now I wish Thanksgiving was closer than almost two months away. What are your family's Thanksgiving traditions?

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