Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good-bye, True Blood

There were a few things I liked about season 3 of True Blood: the yummy Alcide, the wonderfully campy Russell Edginton and the always fantastic Alfre Woodard as Lafayette's mom. I also think there wasn't nearly enough Baby Vamp Jessica.

There were a lot more that I despised: Tara being continually made into a victim, Franklin, turning Sam into a bad guy (the whole storyline with his family, actually), Hot Shot and its denizens, the fairies; or that I was on the fence about: I started off liking Lafayette and his love interest, but really didn't care for that whole drug dream thing and the subsequent story lines.

My friend Brittany is a real fan of the show; she thinks I'm nuts for not enjoying this season. She records it on her dvr and fast-forwards through the parts she's not interested in. I watch it online and do the same thing but when I find myself watching a 45 minute show in 10 to 15 minutes because I've fast-forwarded through the parts I don't care about, isn't that a bad sign?

I may wind up watching season 4 if I'm unable to resist the temptation of all that eye candy but it won't be appointment t.v. for me any longer.

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