Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To 3-D or not to 3-D

Hollywood's latest fad is to make everything into a 3-D movie. I think part of the reason this appeals to them is the exponentially bigger ticket price. They've gone way overboard with the 3-D. Step Up 3D? Really?

Hopefully this is going to backfire on them. I hate the 3-D movies. It actually makes my head hurt to watch them.

Roger Ebert give 3D a D-. Here are his nine reasons.

James Cameron, the creator of Avatar, has been quoted as saying that he thinks the overabundance of 3D is bad for the medium, that not every movie needs to be 3D.

Slate.com has an interesting article about 3D ticket sales and profitability complete with graphs and charts. Click here to read it.

Are you a fan of the 3D craze? Would you rather Hollywood stuck with 2D and just used 3D for special cases like Avatar?

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  1. I think Hollywood is fulfilling a promise to theater owners by releasing a bunch of 3D movies. They had to convince theater owners to invest in 3D equipment, so they promised to release enough 3D movies to justify the expense. Thus, we are all stuck with 3D dancers.