Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tiger fans are a bit crazy...

... but that's hardly news to anyone.

LSU won its game Friday night and boy, was it a nail-biter. I keep wondering just how many lives does Les Miles have? (ESPN has a blog with an opinion about that here.) The man seems to have an extraordinary amount of luck when it comes to coaching the Tigers.

Or maybe misfortune. How many other top 20 teams with a 5-0 start have sizable chunks of their fan base debating whether or not a new coach is needed? I have to say, I feel kind of sorry for him. The amount of pressure he's under must be incredible.

I really don't like the way Tiger fans are booing Jordan Jefferson. It's true, he isn't working out and something else needs to be tried, but it isn't his fault that he keeps getting sent back out. Remember folks, he's a KID and he DOESN'T GET PAID. How would you feel if you were in over your head and constantly being critiqued in a very vocal, very public way?

The Tigers are heading into the "tough" part of their season. If they've had to struggle to make it through the "easy" games, I'm a little worried about what's ahead. On the other hand, we do have Les' luck!

What do you think? Do changes need to be made? And, if so, what?


  1. I'm still dumbfounded by the end of the game. But I do expect the game against FL to be interesting.....the Gators are not up to maybe the Tigers can pull out another strange!

  2. Sam & I went to bed Saturday night thinking that the Tigers had lost. Didn't realize they had won until we were watching the news Sunday morning! I've been sick of Miles for awhile now. I was never fond of those "trickery" type plays. Didn't seem like solid head coaching then or now.