Wednesday, May 26, 2010

summer t.v.

Summer t.v. is both wonderful and terrible. It's filled with entertaining, frothy confections such as Burn Notice, Leverage, Royal Pains and other cable network shows of that nature. Yay!

It's also the time when the main networks overload the airwaves with "reality" programming. Argh...

This summer, I plan on catching the remainder of Glee, Justified and Friday Night Lights, and new seasons of True Blood, Burn Notice, Leverage, Royal Pains, Pretty Little Liars (I know, you don't have to say anything), Make It or Break It and anything else interesting I may come across.

Jen, the Pop Culture Curmudgeon, talks about her summer choices here.

Alan Sepinwall of (and formerly of the Star-Ledger) talks about his summer plans here.

What are you planning to watch this summer? Have any recommendations?


  1. submitted my resume to Community Monday.

  2. Why do I always forget about Leverage? I mean, it is filmed where I live. Of all the summer TV shows, that one should stick in my mind.

    And, good luck, Cuzin' Clay! That would be a great show to work on.

  3. Cuz! THAT IS AWESOME! Good luck! I'm typing in all exclamation points! Can't wait to see your name in the credits next year ;)

  4. so, I didn't get an interview with Community. :( But tomorrow I have a meeting with the creators of a Matthew Perry show called Mr. Sunshine. Looks like I've got a really good chance at getting this one. I'll keep you posted.