Saturday, May 15, 2010

A small misunderstanding

Right after I left college, I taught the two-year-old class at my church's Mother's Day Out program. I loved that job - the kids were cute and fun to be with, I got to do arts & crafts almost every day (it's amazing what you can do with paper plates, btw.), I got along great with my partner, and just generally had a good time. I left because it was part-time with no benefits and the pay wasn't very good.

One of my favorite memories from that year involved a precious sweetie named Sarah. She was adorable with a brown page-boy haircut and rosy cheeks so round you just wanted to pinch them. Not only was Sarah a cutie, she was incredibly good natured with a smile on her face and a lisp when she spoke.

One day at nap time, I was sitting on the floor by another child rubbing his back when I hear, "Mith Katie, will you wub me too?" My heart just about melted right then and there. I replied, "Sarah, of course I love you." Sarah let out an exasperated sigh and said, "I know you wub me. I need you to WUB me." and preceded to rub her own back in demonstration.

My partner, Carroll, just about bust a gut laughing. She had to leave the room so she wouldn't wake the sleepers.

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