Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Nominations 2010

So, the Emmy nominations were announced very early this morning. I'm not going to list what they were, but here is a link to the major nominations.

Mo Ryan of The Chicago Tribune has an excellent take on the nominations here.

I've included some of my initial thoughts below. I may add some more as I stew about the nominations....

On the plus side:

I could not be more thrilled that Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have finally (FINALLY!) been recognized for their work on Friday Night Lights. I've always thought they deserved to be recognized but Britton really blew me away with her performance over the course of FNL's fourth season, whether she was dealing with funeral home directors or scheming boosters, or counseling teens that don't even attend her school. I almost wish there was a category for acting duo because Coach and Mrs. Coach are the most realistically portrayed happily married couple that I've ever seen on t.v.

Modern Family absolutely deserves all of its nominations. I would've cried if Eric Stonestreet hadn't been nominated. His work on Modern Family was the real stand out to me - well, his and Rico Rodriguez's work as Manny. As the season went on, I literally find myself smiling the whole time those two were on screen, just because they were there.

On the minus side:

I would've felt a lot better about the 19 nominations for Glee if we hadn't already seen the last half of the season. Not that it wasn't entertaining, it just wasn't as strong as the first half. I'm not criticizing any of the acting nominations, those folks did some great work. I'm more concerned about the best comedy nomination. The writing was so uneven and they didn't seem able to keep track of plot lines very well, to say nothing of the fact that characters would routinely do about-faces with little or no reason. Don't get me wrong, I like Glee; I look forward to it. I just think its current host of nominations is do more to popularity than actual quality. Maybe I'm just suffering from Glee-out, though - I mean those kids have been everywhere!

30 Rock again? Really? Community or Party Down are far more deserving of those spots. 30 Rock has been hilarious in the past but this was not its best season and there were so many more comedies to choose from this.

I'm so mad that Katey Sagal got shut out of the best actress in a drama category. It is literally a crime - I'm not sure what law was broken but surely one was. Her work on Sons of Anarchy this year was brilliant and breathtaking. I'm afraid that people look at it as "that biker show" and don't give it a chance. The whole show is amazing with strong performances by all of the actors, lead and supporting.

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  1. Cuzzin' ClayJuly 8, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    if Glee wins for best comedy, I'll probably quit chasing this ridiculous dream and become an accountant.