Friday, March 26, 2010


I have an unexplainable fondness for zombie movies. It's peculiar really - what is the appeal behind flesh-eating, re-animated corpses? Zombies are not attractive and they have a tendency to try and eat you.

Last night's episode of Supernatural dealt with zombies. It was an interesting treatment - the zombies were completely lucid and returned to their old lives for a while. (The "I'm a taxpayer!" line completely cracked me up.) It was only after several days that they went nuts and started trying to eat people.

I hear there's even a Nazi zombie movie out now called Dead Snow. I haven't watched it yet, but it is on my netflix list.

Shaun of the Dead is my favorite zombie movie - such a funny, self-aware parody. How about you? got a favorite zombie or horror movie?


  1. I don't care much for zombie movies, which is weird, because I love horror movies. The only on screen zombies that have really scared me were the ones from the mausoleum in The Haunted Mansion. Strange.

  2. Yay, blog! I've been watching a TON of scary movies lately. Netflix instant queue, mostly. Though zombie movies are not usually the type of horror movies I'm into, there certainly are some fantastic ones. Most recently, "The Crazies." Action non-stop.

    I've gotta bookmark this blog! keep 'em comin Katie! Oh, and tell your friend i PROMISE i will email her as soon as this freakin' pilot is over.

  3. Shaun of the Dead is my favorite zombie movie too, but like you I love catching new ones. I have Zombieland rented right now and need to watch it

    I love vampire movies and Phantom of the Opera movies, and the cheesier the better. I also have a weird fascination with Asian horror - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, love them all! There's something to be said for not understanding a word of what they are saying, it makes the goosebumps that much bigger!

  4. Lol, Beth. I just watched the Nazi zombie flick, Dead Snow. It's in Norwegian (sp?) but every once in a while it would be an English phrase. It was fun, gory and a bit predictable but I've seen worse. It actually made me think of Scream because it followed the horror movie rules.