Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Future

I like working at the paper. The family that owns the paper treats us very well. People don't look down their noses at me when they find out where I work - and sometimes they have in the past with different employers. (I find it amusing that people automatically assume I'm a reporter when they find out where I work.) My editor is really good about passing along praise which makes it so much easier to deal with the minor aggravations present in any work place.

BUT. The big but. It's a newspaper. And like almost every other newspaper in North America, it is struggling. Fifty people were laid off last spring; earlier this week, we had another, much smaller, lay-off. I've survived both rounds but will I survive the inevitable next round? Do I stick it out? Do I find another job? At the moment, I'm hanging in there.

What would you do in this situation? In this economy, a job is a job - and I'm grateful for mine. However, the future is so uncertain. Should I act preemptively and find another? Or should I keep my fingers crossed that there is a future for me with a company that is fighting for its very survival?

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  1. I suppose it couldn't hurt to put some feelers out. that might be the smartest thing to do. Nobody there could blame you for trying to protect yourself. In the meantime, good luck!!